The Official Springfield Crypto Currency

In a desperate attempt to the change this family financial issues Homer has chosen to make his own cryptocurrency

Help homer gain his success

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Avalible on the of October 2021

About Homer's crypto

Well.. there aren’t a lot to say. He made it in a desperate attempt to change his family financial issues. but as always he screwed up… he gave everything to the holders and didn’t kept anything for himself. 

So now he need to buy on same terms as everybody else, and he has put Lisa’s collegefund into it.. 

He has no money left to make marketing. So now he hope the community will help him. trying to convince apu to accept it as payment in Kwik E Mart, and Moe give him free beer. 

Token Mechanism

Homer Simpsons thinking about crypto mechanism

At every transaction the bank of Springfield takes 10 procent and put it into the vault. This secure a steady price floor 

At any transaction homer will buy back 2 Procent and burn them. This will increase the price every time a new transaction is made.

Something com es back to the community. 2 Procent of any transaction will go back to the community as static reward.

The Developers don't get anything. This token is community driven. Everybody play at the same terms. 

No Wallet can obtain more than 2 procent of the sully. This will secure the little fish as well..


Every  quoter Dufmann burn 10 procent of all non-purchased tokens, and lock the liquidity for additional 3 months.